About Us

Our Mission

We partner with religious and spiritual groups, nonprofits, and community groups, to help facilitate better use of resources for the purpose of ending hunger. We’re a 501c3 nonprofit LLC based in Columbia, SC with our history going back to 1998.

We advocate for community-based solutions to hunger-related issues including food insecurity and public health through social media and direct action.

Our strategy consulting is always free for our partners and supported by donations from those who value our work.

Working With Partners to End Hunger

We know advocates all across the world who are working tirelessly to help end hunger and address food insecurity in their neighborhoods, towns, states, and countries. We also know that so many of those advocates are using funds out of their own pockets for this work. Our digital strategy services are provided free to them.
Our goal is to help connect Hunger Initiative Advocates who are working on the ground to provide food to those in need with Hunger Initiative Champions who can help support their important work.

Our Core Values

Hunger Initiative has three core values that we include in all of our work and advocacy:

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